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20 Sep 2013

Welcome! It's an exciting time at Vineberry, and we're looking forward to sharing a bit of that excitement with you. As we put the final touches on the first release of Coloma, it seems like a good time to start sharing with others a bit about this new tool and what it can do for you.

Coloma was born from a blog. Years ago I turned a friend onto a really simple idea: put up a blog and share your product research with the rest of the company. That idea worked so well that he now does it at every company.

Coloma is an extension of this concept, with a sprinkling of social networking and privacy. At its heart is the idea that we're all doing a lot of research online, be it for a product, a new job, gift giving, clubs, whatever. How we collect and review the research we've done is a bit up in the air. Some of us bookmark things, others keep notes in Evernote or a simple Word document. Others still just take notes the old fashioned way, with pen and paper.

Coloma takes a slightly different approach.

We've looked at the rise of sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Slashdot and Digg (the rise, mind you; not the fall). What if you could use these same kinds of tools to manage and share your own research, with some level of privacy, but at the same time integration with popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? Would that be of interest to you? We think it would.

So we're putting the pieces together to bring that experience to you. My friend is already on board, eagerly awaiting the launch. A few others are as well. We're hoping you'll find Coloma compelling too, particularly once you start using it. Whether you are researching a new product and want to share and collaborate with a team; you and your club want to share interesting articles, photos and RSS feeds with one another; or you just want to get that mass of bookmarks in your browser organized for your own personal sanity, we think you'll find Coloma a pretty great tool to help you do that.

Like I said, we're putting the final pieces of Coloma in place. In the meantime, we hope you find some fun and interesting articles to read on our blog. We'll be talking about everything from Coloma and its progress, to programming, to the world around us. Coloma is all about mining the web. We'll share a few nuggets of our own to help out.

Have fun and welcome to the new gold rush!

You can also follow us on Twitter, @coloma_io.

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